Summer Update 2013


The circle garden was a spur of the moment experiment this spring. I’d been reading stuff by Derald Langham and his Genesa gardening principles and also a book on Native American medicine wheels.


The paths are outlined with landscape edging and filled in with gravel. I was trying to rush and finish in time for spring planting so instead of gravel on the outside path I threw in some clover as a quick ground cover.

IMG_8007The spring was cold and wet and that made some of the bean and squash seeds rot in the ground. Everything but the Amish Paste tomatoes are doing great.

IMG_8017This is the first year that organic apples are growing on the trees. I planted them 2 years ago.  I’m trying an experiment with bags made from velcro and row cover to keep the bugs off. The ones that aren’t covered seem like they’re doing fine. These two disease resistant dwarf varieties that I’m growing are William’s Pride and Freedom.

IMG_8019It’s going to feel great to bite into an organic apple and eat peeling and all without wondering what horrible pesticides might be on it. So far I’ve been able to only use a dormant spray in the late winter and neem oil every other week. There was a problem with woolly apple aphids but they seem to have vanished.

IMG_8045What do you do if you want a rain barrel out in the middle of the garden and it’s no where near a gutter? Try another experiment! This is an oversized umbrella with grommeted holes on top and turned upside down to capture rain. It works fairly well but it takes many heavy rains to fill it up the barrel.